Boli Bambara, Mali Wood, composite materials,... - Lot 123 - Pestel-Debord

Lot 123
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Boli Bambara, Mali Wood, composite materials,... - Lot 123 - Pestel-Debord
Boli Bambara, Mali Wood, composite materials, crust Sacrificial, restoration L. 50 cm - H. 42 cm Provenance: Etude Binoche et Giquello, October 18, 2017, reproduced under lot 174 This cult object known as a boli belongs to the Kono cult, which is widespread in eastern Mali and western Burkina Faso. Kono favors harvests and fertility, and protects against witchcraft. The crusty patina of our specimen is made of cream of millet and dried blood, materials linked to its use in prayers and sacrifices intended to restore the disturbed order of the world. Its front legs are bound, and a small fetish charge adorns its neck. The mysterious character of Boli works, their restrained movement, attracted the attention of early twentieth-century artists, notably the Surrealists. A CIRAM scientific report (scanner) n° 1023-OA-1298J dated 15/11/2023 will be given to the purchaser. The CT scan analysis revealed surface restorations and the presence of a metal tube of Western origin in the body of the boli. The core and nature of the constituent materials also attest to the traditional appearance of the piece, whose intrinsic fragility will in all likelihood have required superficial restoration and internal consolidation.
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